At school ...
  • Meet new fellow students.
  • Let others know what's up.
  • Get notes from lectures you missed.
  • Kill time while waiting for next lectures.
  • Didn't get something? Write to the professor.
  • Try Myia in student dorms, dining halls, reading rooms, or in the library.
In the club...
  • Buy someone a drink, or let someone buy you one!
  • Looking for a partner for foosball or darts? Write on Myia and somebody pops up!
  • Meet new people. It is always nice to make new friends.
  • Are you bored with the music here? The DJ uses Myia, too!
  • Share what you like and what you hate. Share your opinion.
  • Check out special drinks and offers.
In a tram...
  • ... but also in trains, buses, ferries and even aircraft!
  • Where is everyone else going? Maybe the same place you are. Write a message and you'll see.
  • Going somewhere new? Ask where to go in the evening. Somebody will know a place.
  • Commuting is boring. Check if somebody posted a good joke on Myia. Or write your own.
  • Travel issues? Send a message to the steward. Hopefully he's got yia, too.
  • Battery dying? Someone might lend you a charger.
When shopping...
  • Scope out the new shops here.
  • Good shops have special offers.
  • Write your recommendations. And check what others recommend.
  • Is shopping boring? Kill time with Myia. Others are there too.
  • Did you get mad here? Share it. The management reads Myia, too.
  • Looking for something? Ask on Myia, somebody may give you a hint.

How it works

Myia connects people using the same Wi‑Fi.
Myia includes a message board for each Wi‑Fi hotspot, where you can post notes for everyone here.
You can check out who is connected here too...
... and send them a direct message.
Invite your friends to install Myia and have fun!
Install Myia on your phone, tablet or Windows 8.1 / 10

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